Mulligan’s Eagle Users’ Guide

The complete setup and operating manual for the world's most complete golf scoring application.  Fully indexed.  Available and downloadable from the Help menu of Mulligan’s Eagle or by downloading here.

.PDF files compatible with Adobe Reader

Available by chapter (in screen resolution):

Control-click (right click) to download a chapter.

Or, the entire manual (in high-quality print resolution):

Control-click (right click) to download the Users’ Guide.

Or, for your iPad or iPhone:

Download the Complete Users’ Guide & Index above.  Open the Books application on your Mac, using iCloud.  Choose Add to Library… from the File menu, select the file you just downloaded (Eagle Users Guide.pdf).  On your mobile device, open the Books app to read the Guide.

Need Acrobat Reader?

Download Adobe’s Acrobat Reader to read PDF versions of the Users’ Guide off-line or with your browser:



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