Terms Of Sale


All computer software products sold here are full-featured, commercial-grade applications sold under the terms of their respective software licenses. Before installing any software, read and be sure you understand the terms of any accompanying license agreement.


The products of various software manufacturers, distributors and producers may, from time to time, be available from this web site, not just the products of Mulligan Software. For service or technical support of products from these manufacturers, please contact them directly. You should contact Mulligan Software directly for support of its products.


If your order requires that we ship you something, we will include a printed receipt with your order. If we deliver your order by download on the internet, you should either print a copy of the web page containing your order or retain a copy of the email we send you for use as your receipt.

Shipping & Handling

We include a charge for shipping and handling that reflects our costs of shipping, postage, packaging and processing your order for delivery. Because of the wide variety of delivery methods appropriate for different products, we may ship to you via U. S. Mail (First Class or Priority Mail), UPS, FedEx or some other method. Our shipping and handling fees for international deliveries will be higher.

There is no shipping and handling charge for products we send to you electronically.

Sales Taxes

Orders fulfilled by Mulligan Software (in electronic or tangible form) are delivered from Bullard, Texas, USA and are subject to Texas sales taxes when delivered in Texas. Shipping charges are taxable in Texas.

Orders fulfilled by other distributors may be subject to sales or other taxes in other countries, states or municipalities. The terms of sale of those distributors are available on their web sites.


You may return a product to Mulligan Software within 30 days of your purchase for a refund of the purchase price. You must return the original media, any documentation or serial numbers and you must destroy any installed copy of the software in your possession. We will not refund or reimburse you for shipping charges. If you return software after installing it, you remain subject to the License Agreement that accompanied that software. Returns of products purchased through eSellerate, Apple, Digital River, Kagi Software or any other distributor of Mulligan Software products may be subject to additional terms of sale of those distributors.

If you purchased our software from Apple using iTunes or from the App Store using the App Store software on your computer, your purchase is subject to Apple’s terms of sale. If you have a problem with the software, let us know.

If you have a problem with your purchase, contact Apple.

Certain Licensed Products

Some products of Mulligan Software or other manufacturers are produced under licensing agreements with other parties that may require that you provide certain information about the country you live in, your home golf club, or a registered serial number of a product you already license. Certain restrictions may apply to the use of these products. We promise not to divulge any of the information you provide to obtain these products, except as required by us or the licensor to administer our agreements. We provide clear documentation of any particular restrictions on the products we sell.

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