The Scoring Machine

The Scoring Machine

Competition reporting features

Two unique features are available in The Scoring Machine for reporting the results of an Event or a single Scorecard.  Match Play reporting is available for displaying “against-the-field” matches for any individual or team.  The Leaderboard displays multiple pages of scoring results.  Both features provide “shareable” reports – for your printer, email or social connections.

TSM Features - Ty Webb

– 1 –

Match Play calculations are initiated by selecting an individual’s entry (for individual match play results) or a team’s entry (for team match play results) on the Scoreboard, then tapping the Match Play (Vs) button in the tab bar.

The Leaderboard displays multiple pages indicating the gross, net and adjusted team and individual results and related skins.  Show the Leaderboard by tapping the Leaderboard (trophy) button in the tab bar.

TSM Features - Match Play

– 2 –

The Match Play screen shows “vs. the field” matches for a selected individual or team.  It reports hole-by-hole match results.

To promote a player or team into the primary competitor position, tap the “top” button at the right side of their header.

Tap the settings button in the toolbar at the bottom of the screen to adjust your match play settings…

TSM Features - Match Play Settings

– 3 –

The Match Play Settings screen allows you to specify the style of play and the handicaps to use for scoring.

You can also invoke automatically calculated presses (press bets) when a side is 2-down or 1-down at the last hole.  You can indicate the value of a single bet, and The Scoring Machine will calculate your winnings.

TSM Features - Leaderboard Gross

– 4 –

The Leaderboard presents multiple pages of results of your Event or Scorecard team and individual competition – gross (as shown here for teams)…

TSM Features - Leaderboard Net

– 5 –

…or net (for individuals shown here).  Where appropriate, it indicates placement, handicaps, tie-breakers, total and (when still in progress) relative-to-par scores.

The Leaderboard display includes a Play/Pause button which will allow you to automatically cycle through each page for display on your device or when using AirPlay to a compatible monitor or TV.

TSM Features - Leaderboard Skins

– 6 –

The Leaderboard provides a report of skins (gross, net, and with handicap allowance or points) when that capability is enabled in The Scoring Machine’s Settings.

The Leaderboard also reports putting results if they are recorded while scoring.

All pages of the Leaderboard are shareable for printing, email, messaging or social media from your device.  Just tap the Share button at the lower right.

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