The Scoring Machine

The Scoring Machine
On-Course Assistant

Out on the course, you don't need scorekeeping to be an inconvenience to your play.

You want to enter scores for your group quickly and correctly without delay on your way off the green toward the next tee.

The On-Course Assistant provides the features to get it done… quick 1-tap score entry for each player and immediate feedback of cumulative scores.  Built to the requirements of our customers.

TSM Scoreboard - Al selected

– 1 –

On an iPhone or iPod touch, scores are entered from the Scoreboard - the screen summarizing all the competitors in your Event or on your Scorecard.

The horizontally scrollable area at the top of the Scoreboard, shows the scores for the currently selected player (Mr. Czervik in our example, who is about to play the 13th hole from the White/Red combo tees).

TSM Scoreboard - Assistant

– 2 –

On the course, it can be difficult to quickly enter scores and putts in small spaces with small keyboards.  Hand-held screens and keyboards can be problematic to use (and see) out-of-doors.  Bright sunlight, harsh weather, uncorrected vision, polarized glasses are typical culprits.

Tap a player on the Scoreboard to select them for scoring, then tap the Assistant (sunglasses) icon at the upper right to invoke the On-Course Assistant to make outdoor scoring easier…

TSM Assistant - Al at 13

– 3 –

The Assistant displays information about one player at a time, one hole at a time.  Our example shows Al Czervik at the 355 yard, par 4, 13th hole, which he is playing from the white tee marker.  The display indicates that Al receives a stroke (blue dot) at this hole from his 12-stroke Handicap Allowance.

The horizontally scrollable Score and Putts arrays are primed – positioned near Al’s likely results at the hole.  Near the bottom of the screen are cumulative stats at this point in his round.

TSM Assistant - Al makes par

– 4 –

When Al somehow manages to par the 13th with a miraculous putt, tapping the “4” in the horizontal Score array, and the “1” in the horizontal Putts array finishes his entry.  Al's stats through the 13th hole are updated at the bottom of the display.

(Al made a net birdie – the red “3” – at the 13th, which The Scoring Machine determined is a skin at that hole, indicated by a yellow outline around his score and the “scored holes” indicator above his name.)

Tapping either of the indicators adjacent to Al's name will select another player for scoring at this hole.  When ready, tap to move forward to the next hole.

TSM Assistant - Al at 18

– 5 –

Because Al is playing “combo” or “hybrid” tees, when he reaches the 18th hole the On-Course Assistant indicates that he should play from the red tee markers.

When the round ends, return to the Scoreboard by tapping the left-pointing chevron at the upper left, with scoring complete.

Tap the magnifier at the top right or long-press the data display at the bottom of the screen to see a detailed (and enlarged) summary of the player’s current status…

TSM Assistant - status summary

– 6 –

The On-Course Assistant summary provides a quick snapshot of a player’s status during their round.

Information is available for the player’s gross score, a net score and a score based on a handicap allowance (if different) - all shown relative to par.

If the player is part of a team, the team’s results are indicated too.

Optionally, the status of match play between players on the Scorecard can also be displayed.

Tap Done or long-press the display to return from this summary.

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