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Stableford play vs. quota


A Point-Quota is a competition for individual players or teams in which some form of Stableford scoring system is used to reflect the competitor’s performance relative to their established handicap.  A player’s quota is calculated as 36 less their handicap (39 in Chicago), and the competition is conducted at scratch (without handicaps) for Stableford points.  A competitor's final score is the amount by which their accumulated points exceed their quota – the highest score wins.

Team quotas are the sum of its team members’ calculated quotas.  In multiple-day events, it is common that individual or team quotas are adjusted after each round of play – perhaps with an adjustment of half the amount that a competitor's score exceeded (or fell below) the previous quota.  That is, a team that exceeded its quota faces a higher quota in the next round, a team that failed to meet its quota has an easier goal in the next round.

The Chicago scoring system is commonly used to handicap Point-Quota events.  The starting quota is higher than other styles of Stableford scoring, but the bonus available for sub-par play is significant, favoring the play of skilled (low handicap) players.

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