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Chicago is a form of Stableford scoring for individual or team play, gross or net.  Typically, however, Chicago is used in Point-Quota events, in which each player’s quota is computed as 39 less their Course Handicap.  A team’s quota is the sum of the quotas of its members.  The competition is then conducted at scratch (without handicaps) using Chicago scoring:

A competitor’s score (individual or team) is the total points they have earned.  The largest number of points wins.  In Point-Quota competition, the competitor’s score is determined as the difference between the points they have earned and their quota – negative results are allowed.  The team or individual with the greatest numerical result is the winner.

The Chicago scoring system was devised to provide a scoring bonus to golfers who can make hole-by-hole sub-par scores (birdies and eagles).

Chicago Scoring

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