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A Waltz, sometimes known as a 3-4-5 Best-Ball, is a form of Best-Ball competition for 3 or more competitors, in which the number of balls to be scored at each hole is determined by par – one ball on par 5 holes, two balls on par 4 holes, and three balls on par 3 holes:

A Modified Waltz, sometimes used for 3-person teams or high-handicap players assists scoring on par 3 holes:

Handicap allowances for a Waltz are typically calculated like a 2 Best-Balls of Four competition, using a handicap allowance of 90% of Course Handicap for men and 95% of Course Handicap for women.

In other circumstances, it may be preferable to calculate handicap allowances for a Waltz as a 1 Best-Ball of Four competition – 80% of Course Handicap for men and 90% of Course Handicap for women.

Waltz Scoring
Modified Waltz Scoring

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