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The Ritz

The Ritz, sometimes known as a Gross and Net Best-Ball, is a form of Best-Ball competition for 4 (sometimes 3) competitors, in which both an individual gross and an individual net score of the teammates are combined to determine the team score, but the scores cannot be from the same ball.  This form of play took its name from the style of scoring at a ladies’ member-guest club event in Texas.

First, the gross score for the team is determined as the best gross result of any teammate on the hole.  Then, the team’s net score for the hole is determined as the best net result of another teammate.  If two or more teammates tie for the lowest gross result, the team will use the gross score from a player with the highest net score, preserving the best possible net score for the team.

The Ritz in Reverse is the same game, except at each hole the best net result is determined before the best remaining gross result.

Handicap allowances for The Ritz are usually full Course Handicap or calculated like a 2 Best-Balls of Four competition, using a handicap allowance of 90% of Course Handicap for men and 95% of Course Handicap for women.

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