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One-round handicap system for individual play

Peoria System

The Peoria System, sometimes called the Bankers System, is a handicapping method which computes a one-time handicap from a competitor’s scores on six randomly selected holes:

  • 2 par-3 holes
  • 2 par-4 holes
  • 2 par-5 holes

It is useful for computing handicaps for a group of unhandicapped players or for players with no playing history on which to base a handicap.

 In a Peoria competition, the committee selects, unknown to the players, six holes on the course at which the players’ scores will be used to compute a single-round handicap.  That handicap, calculated after the round is complete, will be used to determine each player’s net score for the competition.

The Modified Peoria System uses a slightly different formula for calculation and a different requirement for randomly selecting the holes:

  • 1 par-3 hole
  • 4 par-4 holes, 2 from each side
  • 1 par-5 hole

In a Double Peoria, twelve holes are selected and a different formula is used for calculation.

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