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Alternate-shot of partners


Foursomes is one of the oldest forms of team golf – two golfers as partners alternately playing a single ball.  In medal (stroke) play, it may be known as Alternate Shot or Scotch Twosomes.  More commonly played at match play, as in the Ryder Cup and other team matches.

Prior to play, a team selects which partner will play from the first tee.  Thereafter, the partners will alternate playing the tee shot at each hole.  During play of the hole, the partners play the single ball alternately until holed.

For both medal and match play in Foursomes, a team handicap allowance is calculated as half of the total of the partners' Course Handicaps (ie: the average of their handicaps).

In match play, the team with the lower handicap allowance should play at scratch and their opponents play with the difference between the team handicap allowances, with strokes allocated as designated for the tees being played.  Some variations of Foursomes include Greensomes (Canadian Foursomes) and Chapman (Pinehurst or American Foursomes).

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