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The new site has responsive features for presentation on HD and variable-size screens and mobile devices. When you find what you're looking for on the new site, don't forget to bookmark the new page for future reference. Go there now.


How do I buy software?

Mulligan Software products are available via the internet from our online store, administered by eSellerate. You can use almost any major credit card or PayPal to purchase online.

Our software is also available from the App Store (via iTunes, for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad) or the Mac App Store (using the App Store application on your Mac).

Trial & Demo Software

We allow you to try some products from us before you buy them. When you order a product online and specify "Try" rather than "Buy", we'll provide a copy of the software that you can evaluate.

In most cases, if you decide to buy, you can do so right from the trial copy. We'll charge your credit card and send you an activating serial number on-the-spot.

Note: Software operating in trial or demonstration mode may have limited capabilities, or may only operate for a time long enough to do a fair evaluation (typically 30 days).

Who is eSellerate?

eSellerateeSellerate, a Digital River company, is a leading Software Commerce provider focused on providing the tools and solutions for software publishers and other digital goods providers engaging in digital distribution. They provide Mulligan Software with a safe and secure e-commerce platform for the delivery and sales of our software. They also provide convenient services to our customers, like the capability to re-download previously purchased software, or receive the software on CD (eCD).

Software Updates

Mulligan Software provides updates to its software between major product revisions (see upgrades below) to improve performance, add capabilities, fix bugs, and make it easier to use. You can check our web site to determine if your copy is up to date. Or, you can Check for Update right from the application itself. Product updates are free, and can be downloaded directly from Mulligan Software.

If you purchased software from Apple, either from the App Store (for iPhones, iPads and the iPod touch) or the Mac App Store (for your Mac OS X computers), your software updates are handled by iTunes or the App Store software on your computer. You should not update that software from this site or any other.

Software Upgrades

Software Upgrades are major product revisions that substantially change or enhance the capabilities of a software product. We charge for product upgrades, although our web site may offer a discount to registered users of earlier versions of some software.