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Mulligan’s Eagle™

Scoring, Stats and Handicapping for the Mac

eSellerateFor individual golfers, teams, coaches, groups, leagues, and clubs.

Scoring for four-ball, foursomes, scramble, Chapman, waltz, cha-cha-cha, Stableford, International and more.

Stats, analysis and "personal bests" for an unlimited number of players, courses, rounds, scorecards and events.

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Available as an electronic download (when ordered via eSellerate)

The Scoring Machine™

Mobile scoring for your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

TeeChartGolf scoring for yourself, your foursome or a whole event. Medal (stroke) and match play, Stableford, teams, and on-course scoring. iOS 9 and later.


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A Slope Chart for your iPad (HD), iPhone or iPod touch

TeeChartA Course Handicap Table for all the courses and tees you play. iOS 9 and later.


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Magic in the 19th Hole for your iPad

TeeChartBet and press scoring for 9 or 18-hole, Nassau, Front & Back and 3x6 match play. Nothing comparable.

For iOS 9 and later

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On The Links

Mulligan's Eagle™ is the official scoring software of the On The Links tour!