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TeeChartSo, you've installed The Scoring Machine on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Now what?

You may want to keep information about as many golf courses as you play. For all the tees at each course or just the ones you play.

Follow along to see how easy it is to enter information about the tees at your favorite course. Once you've provided a few key pieces of data, The Scoring Machine is ready to use.

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Tap the Courses item on the tab bar at the bottom of the screen. If you've just installed The Scoring Machine on your device, it looks like this…

Go find the scorecard for your home, or favorite, course. Yes, that's it… go find the actual printed scorecard.

(We'll assume in this tutorial that you're a member at the Fairways Golf club. It not, you'll use the data from your scorecard.)

Tap Add (+) to enter information about another course…


Edit Courses spacer

Touch the Name item and use the keyboard to enter the name of your golf course. Tap Next on the keyboard, and if the golf club's name is different than the name of the course, enter it.

Tap Next again and enter the location of the course.

Initially, your new course is set up with 2 nines, called the Front Nine and the Back Nine, and a single tee, the Blue Tees. You will change that.

To change information about a nine, tap it. To add another nine, tap Add a Nine.

To change information about a tee, tap it. To add another tee, tap Add a Tee.

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If the nine has a special name, like Lakeside Nine, or the Nicklaus Nine, change it here.

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To the change the color of a tee, tap the Color item and select a color. If the tee has a special name, like Championship Tees, Ladies' Tees or Tiger Tees, enter that name.

When entering the rest of the information about a tee, you may enter data for men, for women, or both. Use the Men or Women switch to indicate which you are providing.

Tap to enter the rating of the course, a number around par, usually to a tenth. The number should be available on the printed scorecard or from the pro shop.

Do the same with the Slope Rating, a number between 55 and 155, entered as a whole number.

Finally, enter the hole-by-hole yardage, par and hole handicaps (stroke allocations) exactly as they appear on the scorecard.

If the tee is used by men and women, tap the Men or Women selection switch and provide the same data for the other gender.

If you are editing a course and need to remove a tee, you can do it here, but you can't delete the only remaining tee.

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When you're finally done, your course should have a name, nines and tees as you found them on the printed scorecard.

Tap Save at the top right to save all your data. If you decide not to keep a new course or changes you've made to an existing course, tap Cancel to forget your changes.

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