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TeeChartSo, you've installed iPress on your iPad. Now what?

You may want to keep information about as many golf courses as you play. For all the tees at each course or just the ones you play.

Follow along to see how easy it is to enter information about the tees at your favorite course. Once you've provided a few key pieces of data, iPress is ready to use.

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So, you've installed iPress on your iPad and it looks like this…

Go find the scorecard for your home, or favorite, course. Yes, that's it… go find the actual printed scorecard.

(We'll assume in this tutorial that you're a member at Bushwood Country Club. It not, you'll use the data from your scorecard.)

Tap the Add add button button to enter information about another course…


Edit Courses

Touch the "name" item and use the keyboard to enter the name of your golf course. If you have multiple courses at your club, you can enter just the course name or the club and course names separated by a "/" character, like: "Bushwood Country Club / Ocean Course".

Tap "Next" on the keyboard and enter a location of the course in the field labeled "city, ST".

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Tap the tee color selection button and choose an appropriate color for the tee.

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Editing Tees


Use the keyboard to adjust the tee's name if necessary, then enter the 18-hole Course Rating and the 18-hole Slope Rating for the tee. A Course Rating is a number to a tenth around par, a Slope Rating is an integer number between 55 and 155.

If the Course Rating or Slope Rating for a tee is not printed on the scorecard (for men or women), ask the pro shop for that information.

A tee's Course and Slope Ratings for women are usually different than the ratings for men. Tap the gender switch to the right to indicate you're entering values for ladies. You can enter both.

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Continue by entering ALL of the information (yardages, pars and hole handicaps) for each tee. It'll take a few minutes, but you won't need to return until the golf course changes.

Add another tee by tapping the empty tee button at the bottom of the list, choosing a color for the tee, then supplying the yardage, par and handicap information.

iPress will try to help you by filling in fields that are likely to be the same between tees (par, for example), but you can return and change that data if necessary (example: ladies' par on a hole might be different than men's par). Be sure to tap the gender selector if you're entering information for ladies.

When you're finally done, tap the Save button at the top right of the screen to save all your data. If you decide not to keep a new course or changes you've made to an existing course, tap the Cancel button to forget your changes.

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When you've entered all the information about a course, it appears in the list of Courses, ready to use on the Scorecard.

To change information about a Course, tap the Edit button at the upper right, then tap the entry for the Course to be changed.

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To use your new Course on the Scorecard, just tap the Course selection button at the top left of the scorecard, then tap the course in the list of Courses.

The Course you select will stay in use until you select another Course.

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