Remote Scoring

The objective of Remote Scoring is to plan and set up an Event on a desktop computer (portable or not), then distribute that work to one or more remote devices on the course or in the 19th hole where scoring takes place.  Eventually, then, all the results are ultimately returned to the desktop device for long-term safekeeping and perhaps further review or reporting.

These scoring objectives are met with Mulligan’s Eagle running on your Mac, where you would configure an Event to be scored – specifying the course to be played, the style and handicapping of the competition, the competitors, scorecard teams or pairings, and all the other special requirements of a golf outing or Event.  The on-course scoring capabilities are provided by The Scoring Machine for iOS, installed on one or more mobile devices, receiving their setup “instructions” from Eagle, accepting on-course scores and, if required, sending those scores to other devices and eventually back to Eagle on the desktop.


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