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Golfer, from the bunker:  “You must be the worst caddie in the world!”

Caddie:  “Oh no sir.  That would be too much of a coincidence.”



Jack and his wife regularly played golf together.  One day, on the long 12th, Jack sliced his tee shot deep into the rough and after his wife had played, drove their cart to find his ball.  They located the ball in a difficult lie… close to a large abandoned barn which blocked the way back to the fairway.

“It looks like I’ll have to play back toward the tee to get out of this mess.” Jack said.

“Oh no…” his wife said from her seat in the cart.  “You can just slide the doors open at both ends of the barn and hit straight through to the green.”

Jack was doubtful, but he managed to get the barn doors open and, seeing the green ahead, grabbed his 5 iron and addressed his ball.

He took a big swing and hit the ball slightly off line, striking the open barn door with a violent ricochet that whistled back, hitting his wife in the head, killing her.

Several months later, Jack was playing with his buddies in the weekly men’s group and his partner that day hit a huge slice at the 12th, far into the rough.  When he and Jack found his ball, it lay close to the abandoned barn.  Jack’s partner pulled out his club immediately and said “I’m going to open the barn doors and hit right through the barn to the green.”

“No…” Jack said.  “That’s a bad idea.  I had that shot a few months ago and the results were terrible.  Just hit back toward the tee.”

“It doesn’t seem that difficult to me.” his partner responded.  “How bad could it be?”

“Disaster,” Jack explained.  “I made triple bogey.”



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Our Favorites
Our Favorites
Golf Jokes About the Cruelest Game
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