Four-Ball is two golfers playing as partners, each playing their own ball.  The lower (gross or net) of the partner’s scores is the team score for the hole.  The team’s total score is the total of their better-ball scores at each hole.

Four-Ball match play is well known as one form of competition played in the Ryder Cup and other team matches.  Teams of 3 or more players are usually called a Best-Ball.

The recommended handicap allowance for Four-Ball medal play is 90% of Course Handicap for men and 95% of Course Handicap for women.

In Four-Ball match play, the player with the lowest Course Handicap plays at scratch (without a handicap allowance), and each of the three other players are allowed 100% of the difference between their Course Handicap that lower Course Handicap.

In mixed four-ball match play, strokes are allocated as assigned on the scorecard for each player’s tees.  Course Handicaps may also be adjusted for play from different tees or by men and women playing from the same tees.

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