6-Point Game

The 6-Point Game is a hole-by-hole betting game for a threesome.  There are six points, whose wagering value is determined before play starts, available at each hole.  The participants play their own ball at medal play, gross or net.  They earn a portion of the available points by their success against each of their two opponents:

or illustrated another way:

and in case of ties:

  • Two players tie for first, they split (3 points each) the 1st and 2nd place points.
  • Two players tie for last, they split (1 point each) the 2nd place points.
  • All players tie, they split (2 points each) all the available points.

Since the 6-Point Game is essentially a betting technique, the players decide before play what each “point” is worth, then pay (or collect from) their opponents the value of the difference in their points.  Over 18 holes, there are a total of 108 points available.  The most one player can win or lose is 108 points.  A good “training” value for new-comers to the 6-Point Game is dimes – $.10 per point.

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