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TeeChartMagic in the 19th Hole!

iPress handles golf bets and presses for 9 or 18-hole play, Nassau, Front & Back or 3x6 matches. Support for gross and net scoring, men and women, individuals and teams, using full handicaps or handicap differences. Manual and automatic presses.

Easily handle all the bets in the 19th hole without entering a score more than once! Unlimited players, courses and scores.

iPress is available only on the iPad.

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How do I get help with iPress?

If you've installed iPress on your iPad and it still only has information for Pebble Beach, click here for help getting your own course installed.

And, you can always contact us at

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Getting it...

Visit the App Store.

iPress is available in English.


The current version of iPress is 2.1. It is available only for the iPad, running version 9.0 or later of iOS. Retina capable. iPad mini compatible.