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Everything, literally, that you need to know about competitive golf formats. Golf isn't just medal play and scrambles. Try something completely different!


There's lots of golf sites on the internet. We've compiled our favorites on our Links page.

Golf Myths, Legends & Real Facts

More than you need to know. What's a Mulligan, a handicap and all the rest of that strange golf jargon? If you're just getting started, check out our Golf FAQ page.

Ouch! Tips for Bad Backs

Trying to play golf with a bad back? Trying to play golf without hurting your back? We've compiled tips on preserving your back, just for you.

Windows® Software

TQ SoftwareWe never touch the stuff, but if you're looking for a Windows® application to handle golf stats on a PC, try our friends at TQ Personal Sports Software and check out The Golfer's Diary.

Or, for club handicaps and tournament software for the PC, try Northern Systems Inc.

We don't endorse, or use, Windows software from these vendors or any others.