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Best Ball

The Ritz

The Ritz is a form of best-ball competition for 3 or more competitors, in which both a gross and net score are returned for each hole, but the scores cannot be from the same ball.

Sometimes called a "Gross and Net Best-Ball", it got its name from the style of event scoring at a ladies' member-guest club event in Texas.

First, the gross score for the team is determined as the best gross result of any teammate on the hole. Second, the team’s net score for the hole is determined as the best net result of another teammate. If two or more teammates tie for the lowest gross result, the team will use the score from the player with a higher net result, preserving the best possible net score for the team.

For example, on the following scorecard, Agnes Smails' score (a bogey 6) on the first hole is selected as the team's gross score for the hole, because it's the lowest gross score of any teammate. But on the 4th hole, whose score of 7 should be selected as the team's gross ball?

The Ritz Scorecard

Scorecard for The Ritz

Checking the net competition results shows that Agnes had the lowest net score on the first hole, but since her ball was selected as the low gross score, it's Mary Czervik's net 5 that is recorded as the team's net score at the 1st. On the 4th hole, where Mary and Frieda both made gross 7's, Mary's 7 is selected as the gross score for the hole, so Frieda's net 4 can be used as the team's net score for the fourth.

Competition Scores

The Ritz Competition Scores

The “Ritz in Reverse” is the same game, except at each hole the best net result is determined before the best gross result.