When you make a new scorecard or event, or when you select an existing player's round that you want to display or change, The Scoring Machine displays that information on the scoreboard.



Rounds List

The largest part of the scoreboard is a scrolling list of all the players' and teams' rounds on the scorecard or in the event:

The individual and team rounds are grouped by scorecard - using a header line that identifies the scorecard by name.

The currently highlighted (active) round has a white background and is usually placed at the top of the scrolling list. You can highlight a round simply by tapping on it.

At the top of the scoreboard, the yardage, par, hole handicaps for the selected round's tee is displayed:

This scorecard area is filled with the yardages, pars and hole handicaps in effect for the active player.

To enter a player's score for a particular hole, just make the player active, then tap in the line marked Score at that hole. As you enter scores, The Scoring Machine will record each score and move to the next hole automatically.


The Toolbar

At the bottom of the scoreboard is a toolbar that provides useful features of the scoreboard:


Tap Edit to make changes to information shown on the scoreboard - either changes to the scorecard or event or perhaps to a player's information, like their handicap or tees played. (See Using Players, Using Scorecards or Using Events for information about making changes.)
Tap the Dots control to show or hide handicap "dots" on the scoreboard. Dots indicate the number of strokes received by a player at each hole.
Tap the Match Play control to show a special presentation of match play competition results for the selected active competitor on the scoreboard vs. each of the other competitors.
Tap the Leaderboard control to show a special leaderboard-style presentation of competition results. The leaderboard includes team and individual gross, net and allowed scores, skins (if enabled) and putts (if enabled).



Entering Scores

Start by selecting the player or team round for which you're going to enter scores. The Scoring Machine inserts the blinking cursor at the first hole, and displays the scoring keyboard:

As you type a score at each hole, The Scoring Machine uses that score to calculate any related net score, points or team scores.

The input cursor moves to the next hole, unless you've typed a “1” and it's waiting for the next digit of the score.

Use the other keys on the keyboard to…



When you have entered all the scores for the players or teams, the scoreboard represents the final results: