Before you can put a player on a scorecard or in an event, The Scoring Machine needs to know about them. Let's start with your first player:


Slide the scoreboard aside to the right and tap the Players tab at the bottom to display the list of players on file.


Then, tap Add (+) at the upper left of the screen to begin adding a new player to The Scoring Machine's data.


About the Player

Supply enough information to identify the player (name and gender)

Provide the player's handicap ( in the U.S., their Handicap Index) used to calculate a playing handicap for scoring.


Saving the New Player




After entering the information you have about the player, tap Save to permanently store it on your iPad.

If you want to forget the new player or ignore changes to an existing player, tap Cancel.


The New Player




When you have saved the player, they appear in the Players list where you can edit their information or use them for scoring.


Your Home Course

The Scoring Machine needs to know everything about your home golf course.

It's easiest to use the printed scorecard from your golf course to make sure you get all the information about yardage, par, hole handicaps, Course and Slope ratings for men and women for all the tees.


Tap the Courses tab at the bottom to display the list of courses on file.


Then, tap Add (+) at the upper left of the screen to begin adding a new course to The Scoring Machine's data.


About your Course

A new course is initially set up with 2 nines and a single tee for you to complete.

Start by typing the name of your golf course and its location. If its club has a different name, provide it.

To change the number of nines on your course, or to edit information about a nine, tap Nines.


Your Course's Nines

In the list of nines, tap to add another nine or to edit an existing nine


Editing a New or Existing Nine

Type any special name (West Nine, Nicklaus Nine, etc.) used at your course.

Make sure the number of the first hole on the nine is correct.

You cannot delete the only remaining nine.


Your Course's Tees

To change the color of a tee, tap its tee marker button, then tap the desired color in the selector:

Tap Delete this Tee to remove this tee from the course. You cannot delete the last remaining tee.


If a tee has a special name, type that name.


Tap the switch to indicate you're entering information about the tee for men or women.

Then, type the 18-hole Course Rating and Slope Rating for the tee for men or women. If the course has 1 nine or 3 or more nines, you will need 9-hole Course and Slope ratings. If they are not printed on the scorecard, ask your pro.

Continue by typing the yardage, par and hole handicaps for men or women (or both) for all the nines from every tee on the scorecard.

Add a tee to the course by tapping the Add (+) tee marker in the extra row at the bottom of the screen.


A Completed Course

Finally, when you're done, tap Save to permanently store all of the information about your course on your iPad.

Tap Cancel to stop editing and return without saving any of your additions, deletions, or changes.



When you save your new course, it appears in the Courses list ready to use.

You're ready now to create new events or scorecards using the course.

Mulligan Software maintains an archive of golf course information online for many golf courses around the world. See Downloading Courses for more information.