When The Scoring Machine is used to accumulate scoring information to send to another device or computer, an optional group of features can be enabled to collect that information:

These features are enabled by switching them on in Settings:

When extended scoring features are enabled, the scoring keyboard includes 4 more keys:




When the shift key is double-tapped, it is locked and turns blue.

On the scoreboard, the score entry line changes to accept hole-by-hole putts:


Simply tap the shift key again to return to entering scores.



“X” Scores

To indicate the disqualification of a player's score at a hole, tap the button marked “X”.

An "X" score can't be used in calculating a team score. It's identified on the scoreboard with dim text:


Tap the X button again to remove the disqualification.

If skins are enabled, an "X" score can't win a skin.



Maximum (ESC) Scores

To have The Scoring Machine calculate and record the appropriate score to record for an unplayed or unfinished hole, tap the Max button.

In the United States, this maximum score is computed using the USGA's Equitable Stroke Control (ESC) rules.



Fairways Hit

For recording fairways hit, the button marked Fairway allows you to indicate whether the player hit or missed the fairway:
Not available - par 3
Hit - reached the fairway with first stroke from the tee.

Missed - off the fairway with the first stroke from the tee.

Tap the Fairway button to change its setting.



Greenside Bunkers Hit

For recording greenside bunkers hit, the button marked Sand allows you to indicate whether the golfer played from a greenside bunker with the opportunity to make par (a sand try):
Unknown or NO
Hit - ball in a greenside bunker with opportunity to make par.

Tap the Sand button to change its setting.



Tournament Scores

You may designate players' scores on a scorecard (or all the scorecards in an event) as "Tournament" scores for handicapping purposes.