Mulligan Software maintains a growing archive of golf course information from customers around the world.

You can download that golf course information
for use in The Scoring Machine


From the Courses List…

Tap Download download to begin. An active internet connection is required.





Tap to select a country…


…a state or province if needed…



…until you reach a list of golf clubs…

Each entry in the list represents a club that is the home of one or more golf courses.

Tap to select the golf club of interest.


Installing Courses


Tap to select (check) or ignore (uncheck) courses at the club.

Tap Install to download and install information about the selected courses.

Go back to download more courses. Tap Done when finished.


The courses you download will appear in the Courses list, ready to use.


Note: If you have a scorecard for a golf course you would like to see in Mulligan Software's archives, take a clear picture of the front and back of the scorecard and send those pictures to:

Be sure the card clearly indicates the Course Rating and Slope Rating for all the tees on the course. If not, send those in your email.