Using The Scoring Machine outdoors on your iPhone or iPod touch can be difficult in bright conditions or when you're wearing eyeglasses with polarized lenses.

The On-Course Assistant provides an alternate way to enter scores with bigger controls and numbers.

The Assistant is enabled in the Keyboard section of Settings:

When scoring from the Scoreboard, you can begin using the Assistant by tapping the icon at the right of the navigation bar…


The Assistant appears ready for entering scores for the individual or team selected on the Scoreboard, at the currently selected hole:

A Tap to return to the Scoreboard.
B Tap left arrow for previous hole, right arrow for next hole. Double tap for first or last hole.
Swipe right or left for previous or next hole.

Playing “combo” tees, tee marker color indicates proper tee.
C Tap left arrow for previous competitor, right arrow for next competitor. Swipe right or left for previous or next competitor.

White dots represent completed holes. Double-tap for next unscored hole.
D Tap to select gross score. Calculated net (or points) displayed. Strokes at this hole indicated with blue dot(s). Total strokes shown.

Score can be reset (cleared) and changes undone.
E Tap to select number of putts.

Putts can be reset (cleared) and changes undone.
F Competitor's round summary - gross, net, points or competition score, putts.
G Show/Hide locked Scorecards.

When enabled, Extended Scoring features - disqualified (X) score, Max (for handicap) score, Fairway hit or missed, Greenside Bunker hit.