Score like an expert… for yourself, your friends, or an outing. The Scoring Machine makes it easy, whatever the game.

The Scoring Machine is a universal iOS app, which means it can be used on your iPhone, iPod touch and iPad that share an Apple ID.


  You'll become familiar with…
Players - golfers, like you. You provide some basic information about the players you plan to keep score for.
Courses - the places you play. You tell The Scoring Machine about the nines, tees and holes on the course you play so it can calculate playing handicaps, allocate handicap strokes, and score competitions.
Scorecards - like the printed version from the pro shop, scorecards are where you record the scores of players' and teams' rounds.
Events - when one scorecard isn't enough, events allow you to group scorecards for lots of golfers playing the same game.


The Scoring Machine's Lists

Each of The Scoring Machine's lists is available by tapping in the tab bar at the bottom of the screen:

Each list allows you to add new items or edit old ones. Tapping items in the Events or Scorecards list reconfigures the scoreboard to show scores for that item.

Tap More in the tab bar to reach other features of The Scoring Machine, like a Slope Chart, Help, and application Settings.

The Scoreboard

When you select a scorecard, event or a round on file for a player, The Scoring Machine displays its scoreboard:

All of the rounds for players and teams on the scorecard or in the event selected are shown in a scrolling list.

The selected round is highlighted and shown at the top of the list. The hole-by-hole details of that round are arranged in a scrolling scorecard at the top of the screen where you enter scores.

As you provide scores for the players, The Scoring Machine does the rest - determining handicap allowances, allocating strokes, calculating net scores, points, team scores as required.

Match play results, a tournament leaderboard and much more are available to enjoy your golf competition.


Tap the Return indicator at the top left to remove the scoreboard and return to The Scoring Machine's lists.


To get started with your first player and course:

For details about setting up stored data:

For detailed information about features of The Scoring Machine:

For explanations of golf and scoring terminology:

Have fun!